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Sunday rest

Yesterday was such a sunny and beautiful day. This year we had a long winter in Istanbul and I just see how much we had missed the sun. Yesterday was the perfect day for this. We had a nice breakfast out under the sun and faced to the sea. Then we had a short walk around, window shopping. I looked at a couple stores to have an idea for my spring dress that I am halfway to winning:) Later on we went home and ordered pide for lunch. Pide is a dish similar to pizza - especially in the sense that it is high in carbs.

I was really very hesitant to order one or not. I hadn’t eaten one in the last couple of months but I was afraid to feel guilt afterwards. I made a quick calculation so as to see what I ate that day and if I could balance if I ate one. I decided that I eat one and put sliced tomatoes in my plate as well to balance my eating and later I skipped dinner. I was already full in the evening although I was prepared to fix a quick spinach saute for a low calorie meal. So on Sunday I took in 1.250 calories which is 100 calories below my daily limit.

In the morning I was intended to run but my bf stopped me saying that my body needs rest at least once a week. I didn’t feel very easy about that but well, he may be right. Also on Tuesday I had exercised twice so that should count for one extra day:) 

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