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Sometimes you just need to move your body and get your energy on. This is your go-to practice to pump things up anytime of day, whether it’s first thing in the morning or during the afternoon crash. You’ll get a bit of everything in this continuous flow of hamstrings, standing poses, hip openers, backbends, arm balances, inversions and more. Props: A blanket and a block.

Sometimes you just need to move your body and get your energy on. This is your go-to practice to pump things up anytime of day, whether it’s first thing in the morning or during the afternoon crash. You’ll get a bit of everything in this continuous flow of hamstrings, standing poses, hip openers, backbends, arm balances, inversions and more. Props: A blanket and a block.

Yesterday’s dinner. Grilled lamb ribs, green salad and plain yogurt. All family produce. All clean and healthy. All yummy!

Yesterday’s dinner. Grilled lamb ribs, green salad and plain yogurt. All family produce. All clean and healthy. All yummy!

#picstitch #babylove #cutiepie

#picstitch #babylove #cutiepie

What I ate today

Breakfast: 2 eggs with homemade butter, 1 piece of whole wheat bread (baked with dry tomatoes, olives and onion), cream cheese

1 large glass of: orange juice+3 baby carrots+1 piece fresh ginger+2-3 swiss chord leaves+1-2 strawberries smoothie

Snack:1 apple muffin (whole wheat flour and no sugar)

Lunch: ground meat + eggplant meal with tomato sauce + 1 slice whole wheat bread + 4 spoonful plain homemade yogurt

Snack: 35 gr dry old fashioned oats + handful blueberries + 3-4 strawberries + a sprinkle of chocolate drops

Snack: 0.5lt cup of: orange juice+3 baby carrots+1 piece fresh ginger+2-3 swiss chord leaves+1-2 strawberries smoothie

Plans plans plans..

Last week I had a nervous breakdown.. well almost. Sometimes things get too intense, too busy and I got frustrated. There are some questions in my head and before clearing them up, I can’t concentrate to anything else and move on. Raising a child is a tough game. Well not exactly tough but serious. So I try to make every move consciously, making sure it is to the best interest of my baby girl and anybody else giving care to her will do such as well. It’s a control freak mood in a way and unlike many other areas, that is the one singe area where I don’t feel I’m doing it the wrong way being a control freak about her care giving. That  takes too much time and leaves me only bits of the day to shop, cook, plan, work, study, take care of myself and exercise. Plus we’re trying to have “us” time with my husband which is something vital to me.

It takes my mood down when I don’t take care of myself. Crappy clothes and crappy hair. I’m losing weight and losing cms but sooo slowly. That sometimes takes me down. At least still on the right track. I hear that your body starts to lose weight properly after your period begins. Which makes sense thinking about all those hormones and PMS bloat. I haven’t had my period yet so I have no idea when that’s gonna be. I’m still breastfeeding my 3.5 months old cutie pie and I plan to go on as much as I can, years and years if possible. I’m not sure breastfeeding and period are linked though, I’ll research that.

I’m cross fitting 3 times a week and I’ll start running this week. I’d love to do more but it’s going to be 1 run a week, that’s the realistic plan. I need to do yoga, at least 1-2 times a week but I don’t know where I can fit that yet. Maybe in the mornings?

I need new clothes. For sure. Because what I already have is either too small (pre-pregnancy clothes) or too large (post-partum clothes). I need to go to the hair dressers to dye my hair (a natural color I assume, right now half my hair is dark and the other half is many shades lighter) and to the laser hair removal. I still have my membership, just need to make an appointment and find a 1 hour window where I will be free.

I also need to make some blood tests my endocrinologist had ordered and then see him with the results. This is much overdue so I better do that this week.

I’m taking care of what I eat. There are times I fail. There I times I win. I never skip my breakfast. I eat nuts, fruits and veggies every day. I make smoothies at least 4 times a week. I very rarely eat out. I don’t eat anything fried. I don’t drink alcohol. These are my wins. I splurge in cakes and chocolates. I crave carbs very often.That is my main failure. I’m finding it extra tough to control. I aim to have only 1 treat a day and make sure it’s a clean one. That is my goal to start with. You see I’m trying to keep it realistic.

I’m a phd student on economics and I’ll take my proficiency exam in June to be able to start writing my thesis. Which is roughly 2.5 months from now. I need to work really hard for that. I feel I need at least 6 months to get ready for it but I’ll have to deal with what I have and make a smart study plan. I’ll do that tomorrow.

Work is taking up a great deal of time. I’m going to the office twice a week (my mum’s taking care of Zeynep) and the reports I need to prepare weeks ago are still unfinished. I plan to finish them this week to be able to present them next week in the meeting.

We have local elections in Turkey at the end of this month. And the country is really crazy these days. More than I have ever witnessed. The ruling party has been already unjust, unfair, scrupulous and awkward. Now we are day by day finding out another corruption they have been into. I really spend at least 2-3 hours each day stalking on facebook, youtube and news channels, read the columnists and think about what is going on. I protest people and I support people. If political science was my phd field, that would have been great. But no, so all that time I devote to learning about contemporary politics does not give me any good for my proficiency exam. I know that is a far too materialistic approach and one has to be well informed in any case about what’s going on in her country but I will need to give it a break until June. I really have to. Because I need every minute of that time. If not, I’m not gonna pass it and I’ll be really very sorry. So no more facebook to me at work or at home. Maybe for a couple minutes before I go to bed and that will be it.

Every Monday, I’ll plan the week in my office and I’ll try stick to it. I’ll plan;

- what to cook and eat for the week

- what to buy for cooking / home

- what and when to exercise

- when to study and how much

- when to do other main chores of the week (for this week, blood tests and laser hair removal)

I honestly believe that planning is almost as important as actually doing it. I’m a “if you fail to prepare, then you prepare to fail” person.

Meanwhile, I’ll be probably blogging more than usual because it gives me motivation and it helps me plan my time better.


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My very first “Green” Smoothie

It was only last year that I thought about how raw veggies are so nutritious and how I don’t consume them much when my nutritionist made it clear that I had to incorporate them in my regimen and eating cooked veggies was not sufficient. I didn’t have the habit and I wasn’t aware that was important. Since then I’ve been looking for ways to do so. Eating a couple tomatoes for breakfast and a cup of salad a day was not enough I felt. And preparing that salad was time consuming so I didn’t pay attention to making it colorful, made go only with 1-2 ingredients.

Then juicing/blending and drinking your raw veggies caught my attention. I saw on many blogs that many of you start the day with a smoothie full of veggies and fruits. That was something I’m not accustomed to, no one I know in real life does that. And a green smoothie looks so weird to drink. I thought.

Then I decided to go ahead and buy a blender. I was hesitant between a juicer and a blender, decided to buy a blender to take more fibers in. We, Turkish people, not accustomed to that, so there’s not much high power blenders in the market that can make a smoothie out of your greens. I read the review between Blendtec and Vitamix blenders in blenderbabes web site which is extremely thorough and clearly put. Blendtec was what I needed. The basic modal being sold about 350 USD in USA, the only importer sold it for 850 USD in Turkey!! Lucky enough, I had a friend travelling to US and agreed to bring one for me.

This morning I made my first trial. Didn’t follow any specific recipes, just threw in stuff I had at hand. I just made sure to follow the order: liquids-chopped fruits-greens-frozen fruits/veggies-ice

Here’s what I put inside: Orange juice (from 3 small oranges), lemon juice (1 large lemon), 1 bit of fresh ginger, a handful of swiss chord (5 big leaves), a handful frozen bluberries

I decided not to use the apple you see above and saved it for another smoothie.

I’m happy that the smoothie turned to have a color other than green because I wasn’t perfectly sure that I’d be able to drink something ‘green’.The taste was really yummy. It came out in 2 glasses, one I drank at breakfast and the other in the afternoon snack.

I did give a break to blogging..

.. because life happened:) I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl in the world (as all the baby girls are) end of November and since then I’m just trying to catch up with the day. Not that I’m complaining. Not even a moment. She’s so easygoing, any complaint would be unjust.

I’ll make separate posts on my pregnancy, my labor&birth and postpartum. But this post is just to tell I am back. And I’m still caring about my health, even more than I used to. Because I’m breastfeeding and whatever I put into my mouth goes to my baby as well.

Plus I’m training 3 times a week and I’m giving it my all. I’m still carrying a lot of pregnancy weight. But training is more for my soul as well as my body.

I managed to fit in a short cardio in the lunch break!!

I was telling that I wanted to squeeze in 1 or 2 swimming sessions in my weekly exercises because:

- yes I need cardio

- pregnancy swimming is comforting beyond words

- I don’t like walking anymore because it’s mid-September and it’s still too hot outside (for me)!!

- I finally stopped gaining weight like crazy so I want to keep it under control another 2 months if possible:)

Soo I worked super efficient this morning, cleared up all procrastinated work from last days and managed to go to the pool for a 30 min swim session. When I say I went swimming, please do not picture a athletic lady stroking in the pool, rhythmic and smooth. Instead I look more like an iceberg moving slowly from one continent to another, striving to stay on the water. Anyways, it still counts and I feel all my body has worked out enough for the day.

Here’s me with the clothes on. I look less pregnant with clothes on.. until I turn to give a profile photo!! Oh God how my belly managed to get this big is not describable… And thinking about how much bigger it can get in the remaining 2 months is scary!!

And here’s my baby bump with all its might!!

This week’s exercise plan is:

Saturday: 1 hour cross fit - done

Sunday: 30 min swimming - done

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: 1 hour cross fit  - done

Wednesday: 30 min swimming - done

Thursday: 1 hour Cross fit 

Friday: rest day

This morning’s breakfast

I feel the most healthy when I eat home-made food. It is a feeling like being refreshed inside and I also feel much lighter. No pressure in my stomach or intestines - if that feeling can be described.

I am trying to prep food in the morning for the whole day and sometimes I can and other times I suck. But still, I don’t give up and I try my best to cook&prep as much as I can.

This morning’s meal is below. 1 extra thin slice of whole wheat bread, 1 scrambled egg, a piece of feta cheese, tomato-cucumber salad with olive oil. It was really delicious. At the weekend I had prepared prune compost, with only very little added sugar, together with its fiber, cinnamon and clover flavored. As it’s a little dense, I mix it with chilly water and add some lemons for the taste before I drink. The whole thing was lovely!

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